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Oasis Insight was developed through collaboration with Food Banks and their Partner Agencies.

When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, our hometown of Florence, Alabama became a refuge for hundreds of displaced families. The charitable agencies of our community rallied to meet the overwhelming need by providing vital support to these families. In such a dark hour, the displaced families found some restoration, along with hope and encouragement. But, for the agencies providing support, something was missing.

Tina Scott, who at the time was Executive Director of our local United Way, approached us looking for an answer. We worked together, along with agents from Salvation Army, 211, social services, and area churches, to build an online service that would help area agencies communicate easily.

CharityTracker was developed and is now used in over 462 cities throughout the United States. As of February 2012, CharityTracker has been used to track 2,530,031 assistance records totaling $75,237,182 of assistance dollars for 1,303,726 cases.

As food banks and their partner agencies used CharityTracker, we noticed they used it differently: Reporting was intensely important, Certain feeding programs required private cases, users needed to add multiple household members at once, and the list goes on.

After several customizations and tweaks, we decided to create a new product designed specifically for you and your partner agencies. Introducing Oasis Insight, a tailored, proven solution to meet the needs of food banks and their partner agencies.
Oasis Insight is easy to use
Oasis Insight helps you do what you do best, help people in need. Unlike other programs of this nature which have too many features and can be difficult to use, Oasis Insight was specifically designed to streamline the food distribution and reporting process of food banks and their partner agencies.
Oasis Insight is secure
We employ 256bit SSL encryption, the same internet security methods used by banks and the federal government. The data center that hosts Oasis Insight is monitored 24/7/365 by onsite staff, controlled with biometric locks and monitored by security cameras. You never have to worry about unauthorized people seeing your information.
Is Oasis Insight right for your organization?
How would it feel to click a button and have every monthly agency report in a matter of seconds? Or a common platform proven to streamline client intake? Or the ability to instantly broadcast a bulletin to every partner agency? And it's all easy?
We've done all the hard work so you can focus on doing what you do best, working to end hunger. We've spent years working on a well-thought, easy-to-use solution. Computers should work for you and not the other way around.
Oasis Insight
makes it easy to...
Case Studies
How’d they do it? What organizations were involved? Could Oasis Insight work in my city?
You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in the following case studies: